Which is the perfect tourist place for the monsoon season?

Amboli - a fairly unexplored hill station in the Sindhudurg district of South Maharashtra has very pleasant weather, making it a great place to visit even in the monsoon season. This pretty little hill station, nestled in the hills of the Sahyadri ranges in the state of Maharashtra is a perfect place to be at and enjoy the lovely pre- monsoon weather. Despite its lush and surreal landscapes and natural splendour, Amboli has stayed off the tourist map for far too long. Covered by dense forests and quite outrageously breathtaking valleys, this peaceful summit throws up some excellent bird's-eye views of the Konkan coast.

It was developed as a prominent hill station by a British political agent Colonel Westrop. The Bauxite mines located at a distance of 10 km make a different but enjoyable trip. Since Amboli receives plenty of rainfall making it the wettest region of Maharashtra, the Amboli hills are also home to numerous waterfalls cascading down the lush emerald slopes. It is quite a sight when the entire landscape lush with verdant valleys is engulfed in thick, cool mist. The Amboli Falls is an eye-catching and spectacular tourist attraction here. The waterfalls are in full grandeur during the monsoon season which starts from June and lasts till October. The rains fill Amboli with mist and during this time the attractive water fall is a wonder to behold.

Amboli is well-connected and easily accessible from the nearby major cities of South Maharashtra, Goa and North Karnataka. The nearest airport at Belgaum is 80 km away from Amboli. Few of the nearest railway stations are Sawantwadi, Kolhapur, Belgaum and Miraj.nterrupted Shiva who was deep in meditation; ‘bhasma’ means to destroy while ‘chal’ means place.


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