Which is the oldest High Court in India?

The High Court is the second highest judiciary power after the Supreme Court in India. In total, there are 24 High Courts in India, each of which has jurisdiction over one state, a combination of states or a combination of state and union territory. The Calcutta High Court was established on 1 July 1862 under the Indian High Courts Act of 1861. It is, therefore, the oldest High Court in the country. Before the establishment of the Calcutta High Court, the Supreme Court of Judicature at Fort Williams already existed. This Supreme Court was abolished to give way to the creation of the then known, High Court of Judicature at Fort William, or simply, Calcutta High Court.

The first ever Chief Justice of the Calcutta High Court was Barnes Peacock, while the first Indian Chief Justice was Romesh Chandra Mitter. The Calcutta High Court has jurisdiction over West Bengal and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. The Principal Seat is located at Esplanade Row West in Kolkata, while the Circuit Bench is located at Port Blair in the Andamans.

In the year 2014, Chief Justice Manjula Chellur was appointed as the head of the Calcutta High Court. She was the first ever female to head the institution.


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