Over Exercising Is Making You Fat - Men and Women

by Luke Coutinho

When we finally come to terms that the human body works on the laws of nature and not on the laws of math, social media or what your friends, Hollywood or Bollywood is doing, we should then start seeing men and women who work out so much have not just toned body's but also flat tummies. We will then begin to see ' runners' who have body's like or look like ' runners', not ' runner' who are able to do a couple or marathons with huge bellies or abdominal fat.

When we finally come to terms with the fact that you cannot punish your body with exercise for all the junk food, or restaurant food, alcohol or overeating you are doing, we will realize that the maintaining a healthy weight and a fit and lean body is easy. We will then understand that the human body requires an inside terrain that has balanced hormones and good biology and physiology.

Over training is for athletes and professionals whose job is their sport. Their life is about eating, sleeping and training and then repeating the cycle over and over again. Athletes training for the Olympics sacrifice their families, friends, homes and move away to camps where they train, eat and sleep 365 days of the year.

The layman out there over training, is causing a destruction in health and inviting disease and poor physical health, which is actually slowly becoming a drain on our economy and health care.

The connection is simple. People are more stressed today. So much more stressed than before and hence their cortisol levels are almost chronically high. From the time of evolution where the main two stress factors were running to protect yourself from an animal or chasing an animal, or traveling by walking to find new lands to live and settle, those stressors were different. Stress levels went up and came down. Fast forward to today and see how much stress we have brought on and how many stressors we move on from one to another thru the day.

Here's the deal..

High levels of the stress hormone cortisol raises estrogen in both men and women, women ofcourse far more. High chronic levels of estrogen, binds on to ' thyroxine' rendering the body deficient in the thyroid stimulating hormone, thyroxine, and whats one of the largest issues we have in India right now? Thyroid ailments. And then the person cannot or struggles to lose weight and in desperation exercises more , eats less, putting more stress on the body and it becomes a viscous cycle leading to eventual failure, frustration and depression.

Thats why just doing a TSH test is useless and completely wrong to determine if someone needs thyroid medicine. You need to look at T3 and T4 and see the conversion of T4 to T3 and in many cases also do a reverse T3 test to determine ones thyroid test.

So many men walking around out there with ' man boobs' and large belly's , and these are not men who don't exercise, they are men who have high stress levels, they sleep less and exercise insanely.

High estrogen, low testosterone and accumulated body fat,no matter how much they work out.

Remember , exercise is a stress on the body, so is going on restricted calorie diets or cutting down on food and exercising more puts the body into immediate ' famine mode'

Especially women out there, in their endeavor to mark a tick against ' exercise' in their To Do list, are burning out their adrenal glands. The rising number of cases I'm seeing over the last few months of women struggling to lose weight, have burnt out and fatigued adrenal glands and that puts a woman in a dangerous space when it comes to their weight and more important than that is their hormones and thyroid and energy levels.

If you have not slept enough or deep enough and still feel tired upon waking up, an intensive workout is the worst thing you can do. Do some yoga instead or light pilates or go for a walk.

Don't let the word ' discipline' and ' commitment' blind you from what your body really needs to function the right way. Our body's do not care about out goal to have a flat stomach, 6 pac or size zero figure, it cares about survival and keeping us alive and will do that over and over again. But when we give our body and cells the nutrition they need, the energy they need from the right carbs, the amino acids they need from the right quality proteins, not quantity, and the energy they need to produce the right hormones from the right fats, coupled with the right rest and recovery for both the body and mind...we thrive