Give up to GO-UP

by Shobs(Sourced from: Infinithoughts)

Monitoring will help you become more aware of what triggers you to eat and be more mindful of food choices and the serving size.

The feel of a child's hand is so full of life. It feels as if it is melting into your hands - the warmth, the flow - as if the whole of the child is in the hand. There is wonder in every expression. There is depth in every move. There is sound sleep. There is happiness and bliss. In his touch, the child expresses all the love that is possible to express.

Then the child starts going to school. As children grow, for some it's truly an experience of a lifetime, whereas some find themselves into a patterned behaviour. 

For example:
I am unable to study.
I feel bored in the classroom.
I am unable to memorise.
I come home and watch TV for hours.
My mother shouts at me for watching TV so long. I cry.
I have sleepless nights.
I am stressed and this stress shows up as anger with my peer group.
I am relieved from school with some poor marks. I completed school and college with difficulty, but I am doing well in my carrier.

But, this behaviour of being angry carries over to my adult life. Today in the workplace symptoms like migraine and headache, mental stagnation or stomach pain has become part of my daily chores. Now I start liking too much of fried foods, junk foods, ice creams and all processed food possible. The body has got used to releasing certain chemicals under stress since my childhood and the junk food adds on to it. In fact the more I am stressed, the more I end up eating such foods. My mind contains memories, thoughts, desires, love, hatred and thousand and one thing from childhood. Taking medicine has become my daily affair. But, why is that I find myself popping in chemicals so easily and not finding the cause for it? I no more buy into theories like mind has the power to heal because I am completely down with dirt within my being. I feel it's all not practical in the 21st century with so much stress everywhere. By ingesting chemicals, I certainly can treat the symptom temporarily but I don't look deep inside as to why I have migraine in the first place, why I am stressed? Why this anger which is raging within me?

I realised I have been carrying this stress from childhood. Maybe with time I find myself too burdened. Maybe I am too worried and that's why 1 keep yelling at everyone. Maybe I have never worked on myself.

Maybe the underlying stress is leading me to become depressed. I have shrunken so much inside that it's beginning to hurt. They say anger releases certain poisons into the blood. The particular glands in the body, over the years, have been releasing certain chemicals. Though I am angry, I cannot show up my emotions because I live in a society where morality and basic etiquettes are expected. Now I push my anger down, I have to show that I am not angry and hence I smile - a painted smile. But what happened to my anger? What happened to those chemical reactions within my body? I cannot even cry now. Society doesn't allow me to cry. The body was ready to do something; the body was going to be violent and aggressive. So now I push my anger down and there will be a conflicting personality. Deep in my muscles, in my tissues and in my blood there will be conflict.

I am suppressing them. Now, my body is becoming crippled. Everything is suppressed deep down. After 40 years of living this way, there are aches and pains all over. I find visiting a doctor on a weekly basis.

Mahatria says, "The harder you press the spring the faster it bounces back. Every give-up is an opportunity to 'GO-UP'.

If you find yourself into such vicious cycle of negative emotions and stress, it's time you make certain lifestyle modifications. If you can treat the symptom through medicine, you have forced the symptom to disappear; but it appears somewhere else because the root cause has not been touched at all. Taking medicine will heal, but this healing will have its own suppressed side effects, which may come to surface later in life. This cycle needs to be broken. Before we start working at the level of mind, let us work at the most gross level, i.e. food. We need to break vicious cycle and the focus here is on the stimulus control such as not eating in particular settings and not keeping poor food choices in the house. Positive reinforcement, problem solving and finding social support and altering eating habits are specific ways used to break vicious cycle.

Indian culture is so profound; it has deep within the solution for every man. We have lost this connectivity. Sometimes it happens that the disease may be in the feet and root cause may be in the head. Man is a complete combo package of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual quotient. With passage of time and with the intervention of western culture and media, we have lost touch with our roots. And when the body is suffering, there must be something behind it because everything is interwoven. So just treating the body can treat no person, rather his totality has to be treated. To treat him in totality, he has to be observed in totality - i.e., at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The body is a simple system and it can be easily cleaned. If only you decide to change your poisonous food you will be surprised to find a new intelligence in you. New chemicals will take over you. The older ones will be replaced with time. The body has to fight through this newer transition. And this intelligence will make it possible not to go on stuffing yourself with every food. This new intelligence will make you capable of dropping the past of its memories or dropping unnecessary desires and dreams, traumas and all kinds of psychological wounds. The crucial aspect here is the person's readiness for change. This involves both an awareness of what needs to be done to achieve goals and then making a commitment to do it. Shifting your food habits will help you to stay focused on your work and will also provide a lot of needed energy. Once the shift to eat all whole grains, vegetables, fruits and nuts are part of your day... the various sensory organs of the body will remain unaffected for a long period of time, which is why a person eating good, healthy food rarely falls ill and even if he does occasionally, he recovers quickly.

Introspection and self-monitoring will take us way ahead in developing newer intelligence. Monitoring will help you become more aware of what triggers you to eat and be more mindful of food choices and the serving size. Though tough, it will be worth it. It also helps you stay focused on achieving long-term perspective of combating stress. It's a known truth that what we eat affects how we feel. Food must make us feel good. By learning how to make better choices, we might be able to control compulsive eating, binging and mental stagnation. In addition to better appetite control, you might also experience calmness, high energy levels and awareness of the food you eat.

We will have to cross such self-defeating thoughts and replace them with coping statements... "This is too hard, I can't do it."

"If I don't make it to my target, I have failed." Let us break this pattern to positive coping statement "I realise that I am overeating. I need to think about how I can stop this pattern of behaviour." "I need to understand what triggered my overeating, so I can create a plan to cope with it if I encounter the trigger again."

It's time to give up so that you can GO-UP and every GO-UP is a triumph.