What is the Indian Coast Guard?

Have you sailed on a cruise ship? Or have you visited a docked ship in one of the many ports around the long coasts of our country? Do you know how many different kinds of ships there are? There are passenger cruise liners, tankers, cargo ships and RoRo-s. There are also high speed crafts like the ones we often see in action movies. Apart from these there are aircraft carriers, amphibious warfare ships, interceptor crafts, offshore patrol vessel, and many such ships used for defending countries such as India that have a coastline, by the Coast Guard.

The Indian Coast Guard was set up in the year 1977-78 to protect the vast shores of India, and is one of the four Armed Services in the country apart from the Indian Army, the Indian Navy and the Indian AirForce. For the entire nation, there are 3 regional headquarters of the Coast Guard, one each at Mumbai, Chennai and Port Blair, apart from multiple District Headquarters, Coast Guard Stations and aerodromes spread throughout the country.

The primary duties of the Indian Coast Guard includes, but is not restricted to, protecting our ocean waters and offshore wealth including oil, fish and minerals, assisting Mariners in distress and safeguarding life and property at sea, enforcing Maritime Laws, helping preserve the marine environment and ecology, and also collect scientific data for research and analysis. The Indian Coast Guard, most importantly, assists the Indian Navy during war situations.


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