How many countries are connected by India’s railway network?

Do you know that India has the fourth largest railway network in the world by size and the Indian Railways is the world's eighth biggest employer, having close to 1.3 million employees?

The International train routes joining India with other countries are as follows:

1. India-Pakistan: There were approximately 8 international train routes between India and Pakistan before the historic partition of the mainland. But after partition in 1947 the routes decreased to 2. The first is the famous Samjhauta Express joining Amritsar in India to Lahore in Pakistan. The second is Thar Express connecting Rajasthan in India to Sindh in Pakistan.

2. India-Bangladesh: There are in total 3 international train routes joining India with Bangladesh. The first is Maitree Express which joins Kolkata in India to Dhaka in Bangladesh. The Bandhan Express is an international passenger train which runs between the Indian City of Kolkata and the Bangladeshi City of Khulna.

3. India-Nepal: Between India and Nepal there are 2 international train routes. The Birgunj railway station is connected by the Nepal Government Railway (NGR) to Raxaul station in Bihar across the border with India. The 47 km (29 mi) railway extends north to Amlekhganj in Nepal. The second one is a 53 km line from Jaynagar in Madhubani district, Bihar to Janakpur in Dhanusa District in Nepal.

Apart from these 3 active international train routes from India to other countries, there are some others currently under construction. They are between:

India and Bhutan: The Indian Railways is planning to construct a railway line between Southern Bhutan and India.

India and Vietnam: The Indian Central Government is likely to build a train route between Manipur and Vietnam via Burma.

India and China: A high speed railway track is being considered by both China and India. It is expected to connect New Delhi in India to Kunming in China via Myanmar.

India and Thailand: The Indian Government is also planning to construct an international train route network connecting India with Thailand.


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