Which are the largest salt producing States of India?

Food without Salt? How many of us would really like it? Luckily there are 9 States and 4 Union Territories in India that have a coastline, and that can produce salt. So there is no dearth of salt in India! In fact India is the third largest producer of salt in the world with Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan and Maharashtra being the leading four States that make salt, and Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, West Bengal, Diu Daman and Goa being the others. The main sources of salt in India are sea brine, lake brine, sub-soil brine and rock salt deposits.


Supposedly, there are a whooping 14,000 uses for salt. Can you find just a few of its domestic and industrial uses?

To Reflect Upon

bulletIndians believe salt is auspicious and brings good luck and prosperity. Can you think of reasons why such customs were created?