Why are buildings being demolished in Raipur?

Raipur is creating a milestone of sorts by actually bringing down buildings to plant trees. The District Collector of Raipur, plans to create an eco zone right in the midst of the city in a site where land value is over 1000 crores of rupees.

As much as 18 acres of land has been set apart to create an oxy-zone. This natural forest will breathe out much-needed fresh air for this city, which carries the taint of being the seventh most polluted city in the world. Raipur comprehends the risk that it faces and it is leaving no stones unturned to reverse this condition.

So much so that while the rest of the world is felling trees to construct buildings, here in Raipur, buildings have been demolished to plant trees!

The idea for this oxy-zone, something similar to the Central Park of New York, came from a citizens group. When the Raipur District Collector took this wish of the people to the Chief Minister of Chattisgarh, Raman Singh, he unflinchingly gave a go ahead.

The government decided to forego a plot of land worth Rs 1,000 crore and a commercial project that would have brought in huge profits, to do something right.


Find out about the proposed features of this eco zone in Raipur.

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