What is the 17000 ft Foundation?

While the problems faced by people who live in the suburbs of cities or even in villages in the vicinity of small towns are taken up and addressed by numerous service organisations, we hardly ever think of the plight of adults and children who live high up in the mountains, with little or no access to a regular road, running water or electricity. The 17000 ft Foundation is a Not-for-Profit Organization that works to improve the lives of the people of remote, high altitude mountainous villages of Ladakh, in areas that lie isolated and ignored for centuries due to problems of harsh terrain.

Many of the families who live in such inhospitable terrain tend to migrate away to cities to secure better futures for themselves and their children. However, if this exodus continues, the man-nature balance in these regions will be adversely affected.

The 17,000 ft foundation aims to reach out to all the remote villages and schools in the entire Ladakh region so that they can be empowered using collaboration and technology.

17000 ft Foundation is the story of a team of inspired corporate professionals and avid trekkers who left their corporate worlds to embark on a journey of social change.


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To Reflect Upon

bulletWhy is such an effort even necessary?