Super Fighter Shallots

Suffering from cough, cold and fever are part of what our bodies go through when we catch a viral infection. While doctors do prescribe antibiotics, it is well known that the antibiotics have no specific effect on the viral attack per se. The conventionally prescribed antibiotics work very well against bacterial infections but prove to have little effect on viruses. In such a scenario, when the use of life saving antibiotic drugs are creating drug resistances in people, we must not forget that traditional Indian systems of medicine offer us a variety of single plant remedies for a host of illnesses. One such remedy is the extract of shallots, commonly known as “Sambar” onions. These tiny onions pack a punch indeed for the extract needs to be consumed raw, possibly with brown sugar or honey. But, the efficacy of shallots in helping people overcome a range of viral infections is remarkable indeed. These tiny onions contain a number of anti-oxidants and are well known for their immunity boosting anti-viral qualities.

Here are some benefits of eating curry leaves.

• Curry leaves helps keep anaemia at bay because they are rich not only in iron but also in folic acid that helps absorb iron.
• The antioxidants in kadipatta protects the liver from harmful toxin buildup and helps it perform more efficiently. Preventing oxidation of cholesterol increases the amount of good cholesterol (HDL) that protects from heart disease and atherosclerosis.
• The presence of fiber in curry leaves controls blood sugar levels, and improves digestion believes Ayurveda.
• Curry leaves not only have the ability to protect against the ill effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
• Packed with Vitamin A and C, kadi patta is an effective home remedy to relieve the symptoms of wet cough, sinusitis and chest congestion.
• Curry leaves are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and antiprotozoal, thus making it great for treating skin infections.
• And, they also strengthens thinning hair, stops hairball and prevents dandruff and the greying of hair.

So, the next time you see curry leaves in your dinner plate, do not throw it away but eat them to reap their amazing health benefits.


How do traditional remedies serve us in this modern age?

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bulletHow do traditional remedies serve us in this modern age?