Katha Sagara

The miraculous drugs

A noble prince who was on a walk around his country was suddenly caught in a storm and so sought shelter in a small hut. The children in that hut were sitting in a circle and each had a bowl of barley soup. They ate their food with a hungry appetite and the prince noticed that they were all very healthy and satisfied.

‘How is it possible,’ asked the prince to their mother, ‘that these children can eat such simple food and be so healthy and content?’

Their mother answered, ‘It is the work of the three miraculous drugs that I put in their food. The first is that I ensure my children earn their food by hard work; the second is not to give them anything outside of their meals; and thirdly, I accustom them to frugality and keep them from gluttony and unnecessary things.’

To Reflect Upon

bulletWhat are the things that you value the most? Why?