Katha Sagara

Man searches for joy

One day, Mulla Nasruddin was talking to a man from another town. The man lamented, "I am rich, but I am also sad and miserable. I have taken my money and gone traveling in search of joy. But alas, I am yet to find it."

As the man continued speaking, Nasruddin grabbed the man's bag and ran off with it. The man chased him, and Nasruddin soon ran out of the man's sight.

He hid behind a tree, and put the bag in the open road for the man to see.

When the man caught up, he located the bag, and his facial expression immediately turned from distress to joy.

As the man danced in celebration of finding his bag, Nasruddin thought to himself, "That's one way to bring joy to a sad man."

To Reflect Upon

bulletWhat is true joy?