This school teacher in Hyderabad inspired 60 students to plant over 300 saplings!

Encouraging their students to plant over 300 saplings a few years ago was the best decision a government school located 45km from Hyderabad ever made. Thanks to the initiative, their vegetable garden provided enough produce to last four months for the mid-day meal scheme last year.

The Upper Primary School in Karkapatla village in Siddipet is known for its lush green campus, and credits the transformation to its 45-year-old teacher, Rajabhai Prakash Rao.

Of the 300 saplings, 248 survived and are now growing well. The saplings planted by 60-odd students from 2015-2016 under Rajabhai’s guidance have now grown about 4-5 feet tall.

In an interview Rajabhai said, “We will be reviving the vegetable garden again this year. The students enjoyed the fresh vegetables that included brinjal, ladies finger, beans, tomatoes and drumsticks that we consumed for lunch last year.”

The 40 pomegranate plants and 45 guava trees planted are still growing and are expected to bear fruits soon, to provide nutritious food to the students. Rajabhai looks at the tradition of plantation as their part in making the environment green.

In addition to regular plantation drives, he also takes the students for meditation classes.