India Has Over 30% Of World’s Organic Producers!

Organic farming originated in the early 20th century, or did it? What did our ancestors do to keep their crops healthy and free from pests? They used plant doctors to treat sick, affected plants! Interesting indeed!

Though the centuries though, chemical fertilizers and pesticides made their way into farm lands supposedly to provide better yields and prevent crop damage from pests. But in recent times, awareness of the harmful effects of these, the practice of organic farming, and emphasis on farming techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting has resurfaced successfully.

According to the World of Organic Agriculture Report 2018, India has the largest number of organic producers in the world! With over 835,000 certified organic producers, it is home to more than 30 percent of the total number of organic producers (2.7 million) in the world.

Advocation of organic farming, its complementary methods, and its awareness come from the common people and their encouragement is transferred to regular farmers. Organic farming hopefully should witness exponential growth, thus ensuring a better lifestyle for the current and future generations of Indians.