Festivals of India

List of festivals in August 2017

  Dates   Festivals
  August 01   Lammas Tisha B'A
  August 03   Shravana Putrada Ekadashi Aadi Perukku
  August 07   Raksha Bandan Lunar Eclipse Hayagriva Jayanti
  August 08   Gayatri Japam
  August 15   Krishna Janmashtami
  August 16   Nand Mahatosav
  August 17   Pateti (Parsi New Year) Simha Sankranti Kerala New Year
  August 18   Paryushana
  August 21   Solar Eclipse
  August 22   Varaha Jayanti
  August 25   Ganesha Chaturthi Samvatsari
  August 27   Skanda Sashti
  August 30-31   Day of 'Arafah

Nand Mahotsav

We all are very well aware of Janmashtami, the sacred day in the month of August, when Lord Krishna is believed to have descended to the earth in human form, to overthrow the vile Kamsa. Janmashtami is indeed a day of great celebration, not just in India but the world over.

However, the day after is also celebrated in many parts of India as Nand Mahotsav. This year, it falls on August 16th.

According to legend, all villagers of Vraja, Nanda’s village, went to have a glimpse of little Krishna, to delight in his divine charm and also bless him.

Nand Mahotsva is observed with great joy at Vrindavan even today. The idol of baby Krishna is placed on a lavishly decorated cradle and devotees throng the temple for his darshan. Music and dance are inevitable as in all celebrations of Krishna. It is also customary to dree little boys as Krishna and little girls as Radha on this day.