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What inspired you to learn yoga?

My brother forced me into yoga at the age of 15 much against my interest. I continued for a year grudgingly. After the first year, my guruji there asked me to handle yoga classes in his absence. I did that with my limited understanding initially. I realised the importance of proper learning and practice so that I could in turn handle my classes better. This process motivated me significantly. I got fully inspired into yoga to such an extent that I could aspire and achieve several distinctions including higher level yoga training in Himalayas.

Why is important for children especially to practice yoga?

In line with Swami Vivekananda's saying, single mindedness and detachment are essential for balanced growth of children. The most effective way to realise these virtues is through regular practice of yoga from childhood.

In what ways has practicing yoga changed you?

Yoga practice has improved the clarity in my mind. It helps me to introspect and identify my shortcomings for correction.

You are also an avid trekker. How do you thing yoga has helped you in trekking?

In trekking we will be facing some hardships like climate, place of stay , food etc. My yoga practice helps me in taking these things in my stride more easily. In other words, increase deattachment towards worldly things. Gives an opportunity for me to move more inward. That experience helps me in my day to day life once I am back to my routine. The experience teaches me what is nityam and what is anityam.