When is world vegetarian day?

World vegetarian day is celebrated annually on October 1. This day is celebrated to create awareness about the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage others to become vegetarian.

Different people have different reasons to adopt vegetarian lifestyle. Some people firmly believe in not killing animals for their appetite. People also switch to vegetarian diets for health reasons as this diet is rich in minerals and vitamins and tends to be low in fat and cholesterol, which is good for the heart. Some people cite culture and religious issues for sticking to a vegetarian diet.

Types of Vegetarian diets:
Vegan: This diet includes only plant-based food. It does not include any animal protein or animal by-products such as eggs, milk, or honey. It generally includes raw fruits, vegetables, legumes, sprouts, and nuts.
Lacto-vegetarian: includes plant food and dairy products but not eggs.
Lacto-ovo vegetarian: includes plant food, dairy products and eggs.


What are the best sources of food for vegetarians in order to get a balanced diet?

To Reflect Upon

bulletIn recent times, there is a lot of research evidence that indicates that being a vegetarian is likely to have a positive effect on ecology. Why do you think this is so?